Seeneco for banks and financial institutions

Our team has more than 10 years of experience in developing software products for banks and insurance companies. Seeneco is a subsidiary of Diasoft, the leading supplier of front-to-back technology solutions for financial institutions. Our clients include some of Russia’s biggest financial institutions such as Sberbank, which is the third largest bank in Europe, and Vnesheconombank.

Since 2015 Seeneco has been providing line of client data management solutions:

Seeneco. BFM — is a cashflow management solution that we implement in banks for them to offer it to their corporate customers. It provides a feature set for cashflow analysis and forecasting, budget planning and control. It makes a bank more innovative and competitive, its clients more loyal, and brings additional income.

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Seeneco. Client Analytics — is a solution that allows banks to capture, analyze and consolidate customer data. It gives account managers the ability to quickly select and tailor financial products to meet customer needs and instantly calculate customer profitability.

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Seeneco Counterparty. Risk and Compliance — is a solution used by banks and financial service providers for assessing and managing counterparty risks. It allows to collect and spread financial and qualitative data, implement, manage and execute internal rating models, create custom reports and store data in a centralized database.

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