Cashflow management and forecasting tool for businesses

  • Track your income and expenses
  • Monitor your cashflow
  • Create budgets and see how you’re doing against them
  • Get a detailed look at where your cash is headed
  • Identify potential cash shortages

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Management accounting

See all your balances and transactions together

  • Save time by importing your income and expense data from a CSV
  • Add one-time or recurring income and expenses
  • Pull together data from different bank accounts

Simple categorization

  • Organize your income and expenses by account, category or project
  • Add your own categories, rename or re-categorize any transaction as you please
  • Seeneco will often automatically detect the right category
  • Create custom rules to automatically assign categories to more complex transactions

Cashflow analysis

Get a real-time view and analysis of your cashflow

  • Use analytical charts to get an accurate view of money going in and out
  • Analyze project performance and profitability

Drill down to find out where cash is coming and going and when

Analyze income and expenses by category

Compare amounts and dynamics between and across categories

Identify key customers and recipients (ABC analysis)

Analyze income and expenses by projects

Analyze project performance and profitability

Budgeting and forecasting

Create a plan for how you intend to spend your cash

Set budgets to stay on track and in control

See how your actuals are measuring up against the original plan

Review budget performance by category, assess risks and verify safeguards

Anticipate cash crunches long before they arrive

Planning future payments in the calendar


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